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We've been building blockchain tech back when no one was listening.
They called us crazy but we just kept building and now we’ve proved them wrong. Want to hear the next big thing they will think is crazy?
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Emergence of micro communities in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space in the Philippines
Our team
A collective of seasoned engineers and entrepreneurs, remotely connected across the world, who took the plunge and believed in the vision of a decentralized web.
James F.
Kervin T.
Eloiza C.
Satoru B.
Blockchain Engineer
Market Researcher
Market analyst
Community manager
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The rise of the decentralized web.

We have been clamouring for a decentralized web since 2011 back when the world had only a handful of crypto enthusiasts. Today, the market cap of the industry has exceeded US$1 Trillion with over 5,000+ projects built on different chains and layers. The magnitude of interest has increased significantly and the best part of it all is that we are just getting started.

We believe that in the next decade we will be witnessing web 3.0’s inevitable rise. A future wherein applications and organizations will be decentralized. Our mission is to contribute and take part in this technological and financial revolution by building, supporting, and investing in a suite of blockchain products and services together with our network of entrepreneurs, strategic partners, and investors.

The future of the web will be decentralized.
Warpgate Ventures is a blockchain venture studio that builds and invests in projects geared towards the decentralized web.
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