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We believe in a decentralized and autonomous future governed by code. Humanity will be able to interact, transact, and manage several facets of their lives through blockchain technology without unnecessary intermediaries and legacy institutions. Warpgate’s mission is to build unto this foundation and further propel society through the blockchain products and investments it creates.
Warpgate Ventures is the brainchild of founder and CEO, James Florentino, a prolific coder and designer, who has been in the forefront of software development and internet services since the emergence of Web 1.0. As a self-proclaimed sci-fi nerd, James has taken inspiration in building software products from conception to product stage at warp speed with Warpgate as the gateway in turning new and emerging ideas into realities.
Having a keen eye on emerging technologies and the ability to build products across the board, we have built decade long relationships with our investor and venture partners. Warpgate positions itself in both realms of venture building and investing. We take pride in our ability to navigate through each product stage from inception, launch, and readiness for venture funding. We move fast and get things done.
We invest in products and services built within the decentralized web. Ranging from blockchain layer 1s, smart contracts, decentralized finance, decentralized autonomous organizations, NFTs, and other funds. Our key interest is in early-staged projects that need a warp towards attaining their visions. Investment tickets for pre-seed products range between US$200-300k.
The future of the web will be decentralized.
Warpgate Ventures is a blockchain venture studio that builds and invests in projects geared towards the decentralized web.
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