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Software Engineer

We are looking for a full-stack developer to grow with our small but ambitious team. As a software engineer, you will be involved from ideation to completion with the projects that we will be building together.

This position is best suited for developers who have a knack for building modern-looking UX using React, Tailwind and various tools in Node who's looking to be part of the next financial revolution in the decentralized web.

Your contributions

  • Build front-end applications in Next.js
  • Build and maintain Warpgate’s UI Components
  • Develop proof of concepts using React.js, Next.js, TailwindCSS, and Warpgate API
  • Write clean and understandable code
  • Write unit tests and edge case handling
  • Perform code reviews with the team


  • 3+ years of recent experience in React.js
  • Experience with GraphQL, REST API, and Websockets
  • Knowledge in basic Linux commands
  • Empathy for different types of end-users
  • Discipline in writing clean and maintainable code

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